It’s been a really interesting week for me – ANZAC Day has got me thinking about Mateship, and how a group can make so much more impact than individuals; with one of the biggest deadlines of the year looming, I’m madly trying to put in the hard yards in the office, whilst still balancing housework, cooking, and actually seeing my hubby and kids; and Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so I’m thinking of my Mum, my husbands Mum, and all the mums I know; it also brought me a message from a client (and someone I would now consider a friend) saying, (quote) “ Could you please help me with these (forms) I have printed and started but I keep making mistakes. I’m struggling atm and I think it’s better I just pay you to help me get them sorted “.

Now, of course I just said yes and got onto it…partly because it’s my job, partly because I hated that she was struggling, and partly because they weren’t even tricky for me (all the information is at hand in files and on my computer).  It took me about 10 minutes all up.

So, I had to check my post box the next morning, and dropped the completed forms to her business…just as she is rushing in & throwing her stuff in the corner…she was flustered, had someone waiting for her, and the kids hadn’t been cooperative for her that morning.  I’m sure most of us can relate.

It occurred to me as I left, feeling SO good about helping in such a small way to me, but something that made a BIG difference to her…we actually have a responsibility to look out for our sisters.  Not sisters by blood, but by shared experience.  Those who are just doing what we ALL do from time to time, rushing from one demanding responsibility to the next.  We can’t drop the ball.  We can’t just decide to stop…sometimes it feels like a juggle just to keep the momentum going, and one wrong move will end in disaster.

Now, we all know the Super Mum, right?  The one who has it all together, and keeps her work life, family life, and social life all going effortlessly…she’s probably gorgeous, too!  Here’s a News Flash for ya…it’s hard for her too!

Now, I’m not insinuating for a moment that our blokes don’t need support.  Nor would I suggest that they have it easy either – life is challenging for all of us.

But there are unique challenges and responsibilities that go with being the Modern Woman (with or without kids); and who is better placed to understand these, to lend a helping hand, and to make the path just a little easier, than our sisters?  Too often we hear others being criticised or torn down just for doing it different…why would that be the prevailing attitude??

Life is not a competition.  Ten minutes.  Ten minutes and I helped my friend/client with something that had already taken her much longer than that, and just caused frustration and angst.  I can’t do what she does, and she can’t do what I do…why wouldn’t our natural reaction be to reach out for help when we need it, and to be available when others need us?

I think the competitive nature of our world these days seems to pitch us against each other, but that we really need to change the score…it’s time to be kind…it’s time to look for ways to help EVERYONE succeed.  Not only our social circle, but at work, in business, and just people around us.  Our society is better when everyone is successful, too.

Perhaps we need to spend a little time thinking of ways to boost each other up – who can YOU help…?